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A portrait of a boy sitting on a pile of books

Hide and Seek


"Hide and Seek" stands as a profound oil painting that encapsulates a narrative both timeless and deeply resonant. At first glance, the viewer is met with a visually striking composition centering on a young black youth, depicted with an air of contemplation, seated before an imposing stack of books. The scale of the pile, as tall as the figure himself, is not just a physical barrier but a symbolic one, representing the vast expanse of knowledge waiting to be explored.


The color palette of the painting is carefully chosen to evoke a sense of potential and warmth, with earthy tones that ground the scene, while highlights suggest a world beyond the immediate, filled with possibilities. The youth, painted with meticulous attention to detail, serves as the focalpoint, around which the theme of the painting orbits.


This artwork confronts the adage, "if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book," turning it on its head. It challenges viewers to see beyond stereotypes and recognize the power of knowledge as a tool for empowerment. The ambiguity of the youth's engagement with the books serves as a mirror to the viewer's preconceptions about education and access to knowledge within black communities.


On one hand, the painting could be interpreted as a celebration of the pursuit of knowledge, where the young man, aware of the value of education, is ready to break through the barriers before him. His poised demeanor suggests a readiness to tackle the challenge, a testament to resilienceand ambition.


Conversely, the scene might reflect a cautionary tale of unfulfilled potential, where the wealth of knowledge at one's fingertips remains untouched. This perspective acts as a wake-up call,emphasizing the tragedy of ignored opportunities and the critical importance of education in realizing one's full potential.


"Hide and Seek" transcends being merely a visual experience; it is a conversation starter, a thought provoker. It invites viewers to reflect on their own relationship with knowledge and education, urging them to consider how societal prejudices can shape our engagement with learning. Through its nuanced portrayal of a single moment, the painting addresses broader themes of access, opportunity, and the pivotal role of education in individual and communal empowerment.

  • Additional Information

    38" x 44"

    Limited Edition of 75 Giclees


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