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A collage of artwork


A logo that reads "Change That Narrative"

Change That Narrative” is a groundbreaking media campaign and social awareness program committed to transforming mindsets and empowering BIPOC youth. By instilling values of collective and individual responsibility, we strive to foster prosperous communities and help reduce the prevalence of drugs, gangs, and violent crimes. Through education and public awareness campaigns highlighting the negative effects of these issues, we aim to promote a culture of activism.

An image of the Change That Narrative art book, on top of a pile of more books

As part of our commitment to art and culture, we’re excited to announce the release of an art book featuring inspiring works by BIPOC artists. The proceeds from this book’s sale will directly contribute to sustaining and expanding our program, enabling us to reach even more youths in need.

Join us in rewriting the narratives of young lives, one story at a time, and together let’s make a lasting impact on the next generation and create a brighter future.

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