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Change That Narrative
Tabletop Art Book

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When artists come together they produce something that is more than just the sum of its parts. Not only does collaboration allow each artist to learn and grow, but it also enables them to create a new experience for their audience. Collaboration allows different artists to come from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences in order to bring together unique elements and perspectives into one single work of art. Furthermore, collaborative works can often lead to a “creative spark”; an idea or concept that none of the individual artists may have initially thought of on their own. Finally, collaborating with other artist allows for a network of support which can be invaluable when making a statement. Artist can scream without opening their mouths, they can paint with words and create stories through melody. This book represents over 100 paintings by various artists from across the country. Each painting is a snapshot of the artist’s emotions, experiences and ideas from that particular moment. What makes this book unique is that all of these artists have come together in collaboration to create something truly special. Through their collaboration, they have created a space where each individual’s voice can be heard while also acting as part of a larger picture. The paintings in this book are a celebration of individual voices coming together to form one single voice centered around one thought, Change That Narrative. We invite you to explore this book and join us in celebrating the power of collaboration between artists.

 –  Jonathon Romain

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Change That Narrative is a 12 x 12 hardcover tabletop book with over 150 paintings from over 50 artists from across the country.

This collaboration was formed to bring a voice to some of the challenges that blacks face across the country in some of the most economically depressed areas.

Thanks to artists like Paul Goodnight, Kevin Williams, Poncho Brown, Gilbert Young, Phyllis Stephens, Alonzo Adams, and Leroy Campbell this book came to life.

A photograph of the book

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