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A photo of Mr. Romain at a speaking engagement

Never Quit


Jonathon Romain is a motivational speaker drawing from the wells of his past to stimulate others to dig deep within themselves to achieve their greatness. 

From a 15 year prison sentence

to a career as a celebrated artist


Hold on to your seat as Jonathon Romain takes you on a journey, one you will not soon forget. He talks about how he dealt with graduating from college and then two weeks later being sentenced to fifteen years in prison.


Despite the pain and anguish of prison life he never gave up and once released, after seven years, he took off on a journey few would have thought possible.


From speaking at places like Yale, Clemson, Sears, and State Farm to meeting people like Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Sydney Portier no one could imagine the humble beginnings of this artist.


His message is one that can inspire anyone in any circumstance.

For booking inquiries and general questions:
Jonathon Romain

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