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A portrait of a boy gazing into a crystal ball

Stop and Think


"Stop and Think" is a compelling oil painting that captures a moment of introspection and the weight of decisions yet to be made. At the heart of this work is a young black man, depicted with a depth of emotion and realism that draws the viewer into his world. He is seen holding a crystal ball, a symbol not of fortune-telling, but of the potential to consider the future consequences of one's actions. This crystal ball represents the foresight we all wish we had in critical moments, serving as a powerful metaphor for the importance of pausing to reflect before we act.


This painting was inspired by the artist's dedication to guiding youth, stemming from a speech designed to encourage young individuals to think critically about their actions and reactions. It reflects on the countless young lives touched by mistakes that have led to unforeseen consequences, underscoring the message that sometimes, a moment's pause can be the difference between years of regret and a path of wisdom.


"Stop and Think" is not just a painting; it is a visual representation of a lifeline, urging viewers torecognize the power of reflection. It challenges us to acknowledge our own 'crystal balls,' ourability to weigh our choices against their potential impact on our futures. In a world that oftenfeels like it's moving too fast, this piece invites us to slow down, to consider our actions, and toremember that foresight and reflection can be our greatest protectors against the perils that lifethrows our way

  • Additional Information

     30" x 46"

    Limited Edition of 50 Giclees


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